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    FOR OVER 100 YEARS. As a metal packaging specialist from Tyrol, we have produced first-class products for decades. Excellent quality, reliability and innovation convince customers around the world. Every day.
  • Pirlo tubes

    STILL YOUNG WITH OVER 100 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE. We have redefined tubes as modern plastic packaging. Our laminate tubes with revolutionary printing technology satisfy even the most exacting demands. Design and function for the perfect tube solution.
  • Sectors

    TAILOR-MADE INDUSTRY SOLUTIONS. Our Pirlo experts reliably and safely provide solutions for demanding packaging tasks from our customers in the chemical/engineering, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and food and beverage industries. More safety for your products.
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    EMPLOYEES AS THE KEY TO SUCCESS – Pirlo employees are the mainstay of our success. Highly trained, with new, creative ideas, they are your partner for all packaging issues. Today and in the future.
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    TRADITION AND PROGRESS UNDER ONE ROOF. For more than 100 years, we prove every day: Even perfect packaging can be made better. Challenge us! We look forward to hearing from you!
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Tailor-made packaging solutions for a wide range of products

Metal and plastic packaging of the highest quality

As a manufacturer of metal packaging and tubes, we at Pirlo stand for reliability, the best possible customer service, security and individual packaging solutions. Whatever your needs, our experts ensure that they provide the perfect tin can or laminate tube solution for the following industries:

  • Chemistry/engineering

  • Cosmetics

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Food

  • Other consumables

Our motto: "If anyone can – we can!"

At Pirlo, nothing is impossible. Whatever your needs when it comes to cans or tubes, contact us. For more than 100 years we have been developing and creating the perfect packaging for our customers.

From the idea to the can or tube

After the delivery of raw materials, all production processes are performed at our Austrian sites in Kufstein and Korneuburg, and in Pionki, Poland. This allows us complete control over every step of production. Our product range also includes an extremely wide variety of UN-approved hazardous goods packaging made of metal.

Various ISO and BRC certifications as well as numerous awards testify to our high quality standards and the powerful innovative drive of our employees.

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