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For future generations and our home

Sustainability and resource-friendly production are not new for Pirlo: For over four generations, it has been part of our corporate identity. During this time, our understanding and knowledge of the relationships of social, economic and ecological factors has grown immensely. Today we face our responsibilities as a packaging manufacturer in a self-critical and open manner. Both at the regional and national level and in international associations.


Improvements in conserving resources and protecting the environment

Packaging protects its contents from environmental influences and the environment from potentially dangerous products contained therein. For the production and disposal of metal and plastic packaging we produce, in recent years we have achieved significant progress in terms of environmental protection and sustainability. For example, in the production of our plastic tubes we specifically use thin materials, thus saving up to 50 per cent of the material.

Metal recycles forever

Metal packaging and closures made of steel and aluminium are 100 per cent suitable for recycling. Recycling can be performed any number of times without any loss of material quality. Metal can be easily separated by type and is easy to process. These material benefits are reflected in high recycling rates: Thus, in Germany, where recycling has a long tradition, around 93 percent of the tinplate packaging and 82 percent of aluminium packaging was recycled (source: VMV Verband Metallverpackungen e.V.)..

Continuing development for people and the environment

We are continuously optimising our use of materials, energy and water. Wherever possible, we avoid and reduce waste and pollutants. For us, sustainability also includes the ergonomic optimisation of our employees working environment as a part of preventative health care.

Sustainability – implemented in practice

We are considering the topic of sustainability in great depth and are working hard on implementing our insights and knowlegdge in our everyday work. In our sustainability reports we are explaining our insights, our previous achievements and our goals for the future:


CSR Report 2016:

Sustainability Report 2016



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