Printed 2-component UniCan

Two components safely packaged and united

Two become one: 2K UniCan combines metal containers

Our 2-component tinplate packaging is used for packing and transporting products with two components. Here we unite two separate containers to create the Unican.

The special lid geometry of the base pack creates the prerequisites for combining two metal packs for safe transport. Each pack remains stackable independently or in combination. The clamping rings are identical, which simplifies stock-keeping. This special package design lets you optimally and flexibly control the transport, storage and use of your products.

2K Unican – for perfect mixing results

Manufacturer of 2-component systems are found primarily in the paint and coatings industry. In most cases the two components are a varnish component and a hardener, which react together chemically. This reaction is only desirable if the user wants to use the product and first mixes the two materials. In the 2K UniCan, the products are always filled to the correct mixing ratios. The loss of one component and the resulting work stoppage is prevented through the use of 2K UniCan containers.

2-component Unican – at a glance

The benefits of 2-component UniCan "made by Pirlo" at a glance:

  • Hazardous products certification for both A and B component
  • Special lid geometry of the lower container connects two metal packaging elements to ensure safe transportation together
  • Conical bucket A component with nominal volumes of 6-litres to 12-litres
  • Conical bucket B component with nominal volumes of 2.5-litres to 6-litres
  • Same clamping rings for both A and B component
  • Individual containers that are also stackable

Our experts would be happy to answer your questions on specific sizes.




in l
D1 / D2 in mm
H1 in mm
pro Palette
6 230 / 217 175 330 UN
 7 230 / 217 208 330 UN
 10 230 / 217 291 330 UN
 11 230 / 217 325 330 UN
 12 230 / 217 345 240 UN


in l
D3 / D4 in mm
H2 in mm
pro Palette
2.5 230 / 225 80 330 UN
 3 230 / 225 95 330 UN
 3.5 230 / 225 110 330 UN
 4 230 / 225 125 330 UN
 5 230 / 225 150 330 UN
 6 230 / 225 175 330 UN

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