Hobbocks with clamping rings – can be reclosed easily any number of times

The ideal hazardous materials container: Hobbocks with clamping ring

Hobbocks are conical metal buckets starting at a capacity of about 12-litres. Due to their conical shape, when empty these tinplate containers (tinned sheet steel) can be easily nested, thus saving space.

The ringless bucket edge makes it easy to pour out the contents cleanly. A rubber seal in the lid ensures a high degree of tightness and storage stability.

The interior of our hobbocks are available either coated or uncoated, so that products that contain water can also be safely filled and stored. They are also suitable for storing food. In this case, a food-compliant internal coating is used as standard.

Suitable for a wide range of products, from wet to dry, heavy to light

Depending on the application, hobbocks are available from a design with a simple press-in lid (for example, for storing solid filling materials such as dry pet food) to a "heavy-duty" version with clamping ring for transport and secure storage of products classified as hazardous materials.

We also offer the option of a clamping ring hobbock in a light version (Flex) with a slightly thinner body that is approved for RID-ADR hazardous goods handling (suitable for transport by road or rail), or in a slightly thicker body plate for approval according to UN standards (for transport by ship or plane).

AirLock – the innovative solution for automated sealing of clamping ring containers

Pirlo’s hobbocks can be closed automatically using our specially developed sealing machine technology. The AirLock sealing machine works purely pneumatically, as it was designed for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. The tamper-evident seal with a safety pin is created on a patented belt magazine. The Airlock can be integrated into a filling line, where it can safely and reliably seal up to 6 containers per minute (depending on the package design and filling conditions). The containers range in sizes from 5-litres to 30-litres.

Pails with clamping ring – at a glance

The benefits of the comprehensive programme of hobbocks with clamping ring "made by Pirlo" at a glance:

  • RID/ADR hazardous products certification, thus particularly suitable for filling goods based on solvents (VOC products)
  • Nominal volumes from 12-litres to 30-litres
  • Body seam welded, with 2 side folding handles or carrying handle
  • Conical, nestable, stackable
  • Also available varnished inside
  • With powder-seam cover and spot weld cover
  • Ringless container edge, easy to pour out the contents cleanly
  • Rubber seal in the lid ensures a high degree of tightness and storage stability
  • Safe storage of food thanks to food-compliant interior coating
  • Sealing using new Pirlo AirLock technology
  • Possibility of embossed warning sign

Our experts are happy to provide advice – also about Hazardous Goods Regulations (ADR/RID, UN).


Hobbocks with clamping ring

Standard sizes (other can sizes available on request)

  Made in Austria Made in Poland
Nominal Capacity
in l
in mm
in mm
per pallet
Hazardous goods certification
with clamping ring
in mm
in mm
per pallet
Hazardous goods certification
with clamping ring
12         285 / 265 240 190 RID/ADR
13 280 / 265 270 140 UN RID/ADR        
14         285 / 265 280 180 RID/ADR
15 280 / 265 320 140 UN RID/ADR 300 / 280 265 182 RID/ADR
16         285 / 265 300 180 RID/ADR
18         300 / 280 305 168 RID/ADR
20         285 / 265 400 170 RID/ADR
20 280 / 265 390 140 / 151 UN 300 / 280 340 160 RID/ADR
20 280 / 265 400 120 / 176 UN RID/ADR        
20 307 / 290 350 145 UN RID/ADR        
22         300 / 280 365 160 RID/ADR
23 328 / 310 340 174 UN RID/ADR        
25 307 / 290 420 145 UN RID/ADR 300 / 280 415 155 RID/ADR
25 328 / 310 370 174 UN RID/ADR        
27 328 / 310 390 145 / 174 UN RID/ADR        
28 328 / 310 400 145 / 174 UN RID/ADR        
30 328 / 310 425 145 / 174 UN RID/ADR        

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