Printed welded slip-lid can

Welded slip-lid cans – decorative cans for larger volumes

For dried products, as individual as your packaging needs

Our welded slip-lid cans are perfectly suited to be decorative cans for products requiring larger filling volumes up to 1-litre.

These tinplate cans can be filled with a wide range of products: In addition to use with creams or waxes that do not contain water, tinplate cans with slip lids are also perfectly suited for a wide range of dry, powdery products. They are also the perfect storage space for spices, sweets, chocolates and tea!

Due to the large opening of the can, the contents can be emptied completely and easily.

Welded slip-lid cans – at a glance

The benefits of welded slip-lid cans "made by Pirlo" at a glance:

  • 11 different standard versions from 175 ml to 1-litre allow flexible and cost-effective packaging solutions
  • Individual printable in "reasonable" quantities
  • Interior and exterior protective colourless coating
  • Optimal residual emptying due to the large can opening


Welded slip-lid cans

Welded slip-lid cans – various sizes


Slip-lid can welded

Standard sizes (other can sizes available on request)

Nominal Capacity
in ml
D / H in mm
per pallet
175 56 / 90 3,135
200 73 / 55 2,970
300 73 / 80 1,815
400 73 / 105 1,485
450 63 / 160 1,326
500 99 / 72 1,144
500 116 / 52 1,206
600 73 / 165 990
750 99 / 106 792
1,000 99 / 140 616
1,000 116 / 102 603
1,250 99 / 180 440


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