Packaging treats safely

Quality packaging for quality food

Your foods demand a consistently high quality for their packaging. It protects the contents optimally against the effects of its environment and promises your customers refined taste and tantalizing pleasure. Metal or plastic packaging that clearly expresses your brand message through form and function, cleverly positions your products in the highly competitive food market.

Whether cans or tubes – we will find the right package, not just for delicacies!

Experts from Pirlo provide convincing arguments with creative packaging ideas, a diversified range of packaging solutions and faster, easier implementation. Our cans and tubes are the best protection for your content. They provide:

  • long food shelf life,
  • 100 per cent protection for your contents from environmental influences such as light, air, fragrances, flavourings, oils, greases, microbial contamination, etc.
  • adherence to the highest barrier standards. Our laminate tubes are manufactured in a class ISO 7 clean room,
  • selection from an extensive range of accessories of spouts and closures made of metal and plastic,
  • a variety of finishing and printing options.

Our excellent value for the money is just one more argument. Why not try it out? Our sales team is looking forward to your inquiry.


Pirlo packaging protects your high-quality food – and provides a convincing sales argument to consumers at the POS.

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