Laminate tube

Laminate tubes of the highest quality

Sustainability and innovation as components of modern plastic packaging

Since 2010 Pirlo tubes has been producing digitally printed tubes made of multilayer plastic composites (laminates). These tubes use up to 50% less raw materials than conventional plastic tubes. We are continually developing and improving use and technology, always keeping optimal sustainability in mind. This is one of the reasons why we are always testing and qualifying new laminates and caps.

Laminate tubes – the modern and reliable packaging solution

Tube laminates typically consist of multiple layers of foils/films that are united by extrusion or adhesive lamination. The middle film is usually the barrier layer. It prevents components of the medium from escaping from the tube. It also prevents critical substances that could influence or change the products (such as oxygen) from the environment from entering into the tube. Interior and exterior films of the laminate tubes ensure sealability, printability and the necessary properties with respect to the product. Pirlo Tubes currently processes laminates in thicknesses between 250 and 400 microns.

Decorated Pirlo innovations

By using new materials, we consequently pursue the central concept of conservation of resources. At the same time, the consumer receives a tube whose contents can be removed optimally, easily and down to the last portion.

For our innovation, an extremely thin ABL (aluminium barrier laminate) tube, in 2011 we were awarded the Green Packaging Award in Austria.

The content determines the tube

Designed to the requirements of your product, you can order tubes in ABL or PBL design – depending on the product, the desired size, design specifications and required industry standards:

  • White PBL tubes: the classic white tube, a standard for cosmetics.
  • Transparent PBL tubes: When visibility of the product is required.
  • Silver ABL/PBL tubes: For all products that draw attention to themselves with metallic effects.

Notes on processing

Our experts would be happy to provide you with technical support with capping Pirlo tubes in your filling line. A call or a short email is enough!

Here is an overview of all laminates:

Laminat Material thickness Colour

250 / 12 µm silver or white
275 / 20 µm silver or white
275 / 30 µm silver or white
350 / 12 µm silver or white
390 / 9 µm silver
PBL 300 / 15 µm white
300 / 25 µm transparent or white
350 / 25 µm transparent or white
323 / 23 µm silver
263 / 23 µm silver
250 / 15 µm white

bold = Standard

An overview of all plastic tubes can be downloaded here:
pdf Tubes Overview

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