Laminate tubes: a one-of-a-kind brand ambassador

Excellent value for the money: Outstanding results with the latest printing technology and surface finishing

PIRLO Tubes – with its photorealistic digital printing, functional film lamination and seamless 360° printing – is a pioneer in successfully introducing laminate tubes in the demanding cosmetics sector.

Cost-effective, versatile and flexible – modern digital printing technology makes it possible

Because film composites are printed and finished in a web shape, a number of processes associated with label printing can be used. This includes embossing and spot coating. With digital printing, it is possible to offer an affordable, high-quality packaging option for small batch sizes. This is of particular interest for promotions, special series, and start-ups.

Even large print runs are no problem with digital printing due to consistent process optimisation. Particularly for large print runs with different printed images, the economic benefit is fully realised: Both in terms of pre-printing costs and in terms of type and ink changes, digital printing has a clear economic advantage compared to conventional printing processes.

Special inks can be mixed as needed directly at Pirlo – an extended Pantone colour space is available. With digital printing, we have the flexibility and speed to respond perfectly to your wishes.


Digital printing at Pirlo under stringent quality conditions and cleanroom class 7

Noble feel for fine tube contents

Another feature of our production is the option of bottom-welding tubes, thus making possible 360° printing of the laminate. With this type of welding, the seam of the tube can hardly be distinguished. Together with a wide range of surface finishing options, such as hot-melt lamination and diverse coating options or hot embossing, we give your tubes an incomparable feel, excellent stability and perfect surface protection.

Innovations in finishing

By continually developing our tubes we are able to utilise a special PBL laminate for our customers. Using this laminate we create a level of gloss that is more brilliant than previously possible with the use of aluminium. This makes it possible to achieve outstanding metallic effects without the use of metallic paints, embossing or silver printing.

For an eye-catching appearance at the point-of-sale!

Here you can find our standard layout sheets for tube printing:


pdf Decoseam ABL and PBL Tubes Diameter 35 mm

pdf Decoseam ABL and PBL Tubes Diameter 40 mm

pdf Decoseam ABL and PBL Tubes Diameter 50 mm

pdf Overlapping Seam ABL and PBL Tubes Diameter 35 mm

pdf Overlapping Seam ABL and PBL Tubes Diameter 40 mm

pdf Overlapping Seam ABL and PBL Tubes Diameter 50 mm