The first parts ‘Made by Pirlo in Söll’

The first parts ‘Made by Pirlo in Söll’

Pirlo purchased the company premises in Söll in July 2018. After extensive preparations, renovation work and initial machine relocations, we were very pleased to receive approval for our factory equipment, which has enabled us toofficially start production at our new location!

Söll site: production of two-piece cans

Our centre for the production of 2-piece cans is being built in the new plant officially designated as the Cans 2 Plant. Another 10 presses are to follow in the coming months in addition to the 7 machines that have already been relocated. We are further expanding our overall production capacity by installing 6 additional new presses, which are scheduled to go into operation during the second half of 2019.

Additional 7,800 square meters of space for production and administration

Since the new premises increase the space available for production, storage and administration by more than a third, the new location will not only house the centre for the production of 2-piece cans, but also the tool shop, the new apprenticeship workshop and the administration building. The Cans 2 Plant is scheduled to go into full operation during the first half of 2020.

Kufstein site

The relocation of the Pirlo Tubes is scheduled for completion this year. Both production lines and administration offices are located in the Tubes plant (formerly Plant 2) on Trautweinstraße. The space thus gained in the Finishing Department at the Cans 1 Plant will be used for installation of the new Line 6.

These plant relocations are the most extensive in Pirlo's 111-year history. By implementing the new location concept, we will be alleviating the cramped space in the long term, creating additional production capacities and thus ensures the continued success of the Pirlo Group in future.