Pirlo: Packaging solutions at the highest level

A reliable partner for customers, suppliers and employees

Our aim as the Pirlo Group is to expand our innovation leadership in the packaging market of our segments. Over 480 Pirlo employees at our five sites are committed to achieving this goal every day. As a financially sound, technologically oriented company, we are a stable and reliable partner for customers, suppliers and our employees alike.

Traditional values ​realised in a modern environment

For us at Pirlo, values​ such as trust, commitment and fairness have a very high priority. They serve as guidelines for our day-to-day work. Instead of thinking in quarterly figures, we rather address issues such as sustainability, long-term trends of the packaging industries worldwide, innovation processes, training the next generation and developing and utilising a consistent quality management system. For us this means an entrepreneurial vision that will guide us – and our employees and business partners – safely through the coming decades.


Take us at our word.