The bottle grows to become a drum and the advantages grow as well

Drums - the big sister of the bottle

100% recyclable.
100% recyclable.
Produced sustainably.
Produced sustainably.


Diameters (from/to):

160 – 310 mm

Heights (from/to):

165 – 425 mm

Filling volumes (from/to):

2,5 – 30 litres



Suitable for:


"Made by Pirlo" – our advantages at a glance
  • Stackable for space-saving storage
  • Metal or plastic folding handle for easy carrying
  • Excellent residual emptying
  • Optionally with dangerous goods certification
  • Individual design options thanks to high-quality printing
  • Optional use of an interior protective varnishing suitable for food
  • Standard goods are available from stock at short notice


Drums - the big sister of the bottle

Are you delighted with our bottles but would like to fill at least 2.5 litres? Then choose our drums, the bigger version of our cylindrical bottle.

The advantages grow together with the size. Drums not only have all the positive properties of the bottle but also have been provided with additional functionalities by our engineers. Drums are available for volumes ranging from 2.5 litres to 30 litres and naturally require more storage space. For this reason, our drums can be stacked in order to minimise the space required for storage. Because bigger packagings with greater volumes are obviously heavier, make your customers' handling of drums “made by Pirlo” as easy as possible by using our drums, which are fitted with metal or plastic folding handles. Emptying even heavy packagings is thus child's play.

Our cylindrical bottles are small but mighty and for this reason, many of their advantages have been adopted for the drums - the big sister. Whether it is the excellent emptying of residues, the application options for a wide range of industries, UN approval for the safe transport of dangerous goods, the variety of suitable closures, the finishing options or the resealability, in all these areas, in no respect is the big sister inferior to the little sister.

Our drums are also made of tinplate and thus provide the best possible protection for your product. The 100% recyclability of the drums is a given fact.

Do you have any questions about our cylindrical cans? Our packaging experts will be glad to advise you.

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