The solid packaging for large volumes

Hobbocks made of tinplate - the advantages of a pail in XXL

100% recyclable.
100% recyclable.
Produced sustainably.
Produced sustainably.


Diameters (from/to):

280 – 328 mm

Heights (from/to):

270 – 450 mm

Filling volumes (from/to):

12 – 30 litres


Varnish Printing

Suitable for:


"Made by Pirlo" – our advantages at a glance
  • Thanks to their conical shape, the hobbocks can be nested and stacked and are therefore perfect for space-saving storage
  • Optionally available with hazardous goods certification for safe transport of hazardous products
  • Large opening for excellent residual emptying
  • Upon request, embossed with a tactile hazard warning symbol in accordance with DIN 11683
  • Individual design options thanks to high-quality printing
  • Corrosion-resistant interior varnishing as standard
  • Optional use of an interior protective varnishing suitable for food
  • Standard goods are available from stock at short notice


Hobbocks made of tinplate - the advantages of a pail in XXL

Your products are packed in large quantities and you nevertheless want to make handling of the packaging as easy as possible for your customers? Then you are spot on by choosing a hobbock from Pirlo’s product range.

Our hobbocks are available with a nominal volumes ranging from 13 litres to 30 litres. Producing the conical shape is standard regardless of the size. Hobbocks can thus be nested before filling and are stackable as soon as they are closed thereby guaranteeing space-saving storage, an aspect, which is all the more important for large packagings.

Hobbocks “made by Pirlo” are available with two lid variants. For the sealing properties of our hobbocks, it is irrelevant whether you choose a lid with a clamping ring or a crown lug lid. The particularly high sealing properties of these lids are impressive in all instances and these lids can be opened and closed as often as required. This ensures high storage stability.

The larger the metal packaging, the greater importance of the safety aspect. Our hobbocks are also available with UN certification as packaging for dangerous goods and have an embossed and thus tactile hazard warning symbol in accordance with DIN 11683.

Handling large and heavy packaging is always a special challenge. To make handling as easy as possible for you and your customers, our hobbocks are fitted with a carrying handle or two side folding handles. Furthermore, they have a large opening and a thin edge for optimum, easy and perfect as well as complete emptying of residues.

You can fill a variety of different products in our hobbocks. From chemical-technical products to food - everything is possible thanks to special interior varnishings.

And our large containers are of course made of tinplate and thus 100% recyclable.

Do you have any questions about our hobbocks? Our packaging experts will be glad to advise you!

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