Lever-lid cans

The only true packaging for the chemical and engineering sectors

Lever-lid cans - perfect for the chemical and technical sectors

100% recyclable.
100% recyclable.
Produced sustainably.
Produced sustainably.


Diameters (from/to):

56 – 108 mm

Heights (from/to):

55 – 245 mm

Filling volumes (from/to):

100 – 1.100 ml



Suitable for:


„Made by Pirlo“ – unsere Vorteile auf einen Blick
  • Different ring designs for various requirements
  • No sticking of the lid
  • Excellent sealing properties
  • Individual design options thanks to high-quality printing
  • Optional use of an interior protective varnishing
  • Standard goods are available from stock at short notice


Lever-lid cans - perfect for the chemical and technical sectors

Do you manufacture products for the chemical-technical sector? Should the packaging emphasise the uniqueness of your product? Then you are right with us. The lever-lid can from the Pirlo Group product range is not only the ideal packaging for chemical-technical products, but also allows your product to stand out from the competition thanks to the multitude of available design options.

The lever-lid can “made by Pirlo” is available for filling volumes from 100 ml to 1100 ml. Yet the large number of different sizes is not the only advantage of our lever-lid can. The real highlights of our tinplate lever-lid can are not immediately apparent. Our engineers have cleverly packed their ideas in the cans. A special ring design was developed, which prevents the lid from sticking. Because of this design, lever-lid cans are also called ring-lid cans.

Would you like your can to be stackable to make storage easier for your customers? No problem, choose our patented StaCan so that your customers can stack the cans on top of each other on their shelves.

Your product an extremely low-viscosity filling item and you fear that a classic lever-lid can is not tight enough despite its excellent sealing properties? Here, too, we have the right solution for you: try our TripleTite, whose special lid design seals the can even more tightly.

In addition to the lid, would you like your packaging to have film as a tamper-evident seal? We have lids with seamed film in our range and can also fit your cans with them.

Choose the right element for your product from a myriad of possible elements and design your own individual packaging solution. It goes without saying that we will deliver your cans with high quality printing according to your requirements. And if your product requires a special interior varnishing, this does not present us with an insurmountable hurdle. Just tell us what your product is and we will supply you with the right solution.

A lever-lid can made of tinplate of course offers all of the advantages of metal packaging. The packaging not only protects your products from external influences but also protects the environment from critical products. And with 100% recyclability of the can at that.

Let us prove that we are able to make something very special out of classic packaging for the chemical-technical industry. Do you have any questions about our lever-lid cans? Our packaging experts will be glad to advise you.

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