Slip-lid cans

Big or small - Everything fits inside

Slip-lid cans – the most versatile of metal packaging

100% recyclable.
100% recyclable.
Produced sustainably.
Produced sustainably.


Diameters (from/to):

35 – 120 mm (drawn)
56 – 99 mm (welded)

Heights (from/to):

11 – 38 mm (drawn)
55 – 280 mm (welded)

Filling volumes (from/to):

9 – 338 ml (drawn)
135 – 1.500 ml (welded)



Suitable for:


“Made by Pirlo” – our advantages at a glance
  • Large opening for excellent residual emptying
  • Suitable for dry and powdery products as well as for creams
  • Individual design options thanks to high-quality printing
  • Optional finishing with raised or recessed embossing
  • Optional use of an interior protective varnish suitable for cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and food
  • Standard goods are available from stock at short notice


Slip-lid cans – the most versatile of metal packaging

Are the exclusive ingredients and full-bodied aroma of your product extraordinary, in short a must have? Do you now need packaging that further emphasizes the exclusivity and uniqueness of your product? Then you have found what you are looking for - the slip-lid can made by Pirlo.

The numerous finishing options of our slip-lid cans from our product range give your product that certain extra. Create your own design with spot painting to highlight your logo or brand name, for example. Or use embossing to turn your packaging into a haptic experience. As you can see, the options for the can design are boundless.

Our packaging solutions are not only eye-catchers but also practical to use and handle. Whether a carefully crafted lid seat for easy opening and closing, the use of a sealing film or a special liner to additionally protect your product or a lid with snap-function, we will individualise your packaging precisely according to your requirements. And for welded slip-lid cans with larger volume we also offer even more accessories. For example, you can get shaker lids for spices or special lids for improved aroma protection.

And as for all packaging made of tinplate or aluminium: since our packaging is 100% recyclable, you are also doing something good for the environment.

Do you have any questions about our slip-lid cans? Our packaging experts will be glad to advise you!