Finishing options - Tubes

Elegant haptics for discriminating tube content

Outstanding results with the latest in printing technology and surface finishing - Pirlo Tubes is a pioneer printing in the demanding cosmetics sector and beyond with its photorealistic digital printing, functional film lamination and seamless 360°. Numerous finishing options help differentiate your product!


High-resolution, photo-realistic quality in ‘digital off-set’ printing. This is not to be confused with inkjet printing, which definitively cannot achieve the same resolution. The digital off-set print is an ultra-thin layer, making it virtually negligible in the subsequent recycling process of the tube.

Surface finishing


Film laminating protects the printed image (from scratches, rubbed off ink, etc.) and prevents the contamination with ink or varnish of the inside of the tube that is exposed to your product. This prevents contamination of your high-quality product with wet/unhardened paint or varnish particles.

Laminating options at a glance:

  • Glossy film lamination, 24 microns: clear, luminous effects
  • Matt film lamination, 27 microns: soft haptic
  • Softtouch film lamination, 35 microns: velvety soft haptic
  • Anti-scratch film lamination, 30 microns: in conjunction with silver PBL

Varnisch / spot

Spot varnishing, using custom printing plates, can be used to emphasize special design features

Hot-foil embossing

Hot-foil embossing, a particularly high-quality finishing option, can also be applied with custom embossing plates.

Added Value ath the POS

Digital printing is characterised by an efficient computer-to-print process, which does not require printing plates. This has several advantages:

  • Economic for very small batch print runs
  • No costs for printing plates
  • Fast and flexible sample prints on original material
  • Fast and flexible implementation of design changes

A unique feature of our printing process is that it enables you to highly personalize your product or even present it as one-of-a-kind at the POS.


Artwork is compiled according to the specifications in a predefined data source. Options for personalisation/individualisation include, labels, logos or a name, and can be combined with standard design elements.

Unique “one-of-a kind” packaging

The data for the individual print images for one-of-a-kind packaging come from a seed file. The software detects the individual sequences of the printed image, interchanges them, scales and combines them with static elements (e.g. a logo). The resulting design of each tube is unique.  Up to 1,000,000 unique tubes can be created with one seed file.

Ask our packaging specialists for advice.

Information on finishing options

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