Chalk tube – Pirlo CHALK BARE

Chalk tube - resource conservation par excellence

Chalk tube F-PO, 240 µm – a unique combination of resource conservation and complete emptying

Produced sustainably.
Produced sustainably.
Approx. 53% recyclable share.
Approx. 53% recyclable share.



30 mm, 35 mm, 40 mm

Filling volumes (from/to):

20 – 150 ml


Photorealistic digital printing on tubes

Lamination film

Hot stamping

Spot varnishing

Individualisation, personalisation, unique items


Suitable for:




“Made by Pirlo” – our advantages at a glance
  • Ideal in terms of conserving resources and yet fully functional
  • Reduction of the CO2 footprint
  • Paper-like soft-touch feel
  • “Used look” appearance comes from use
  • The special properties of the chalk laminate make optimum complete emptying possible
  • Virtually invisible weld seam for 360° print designs


Chalk tube F-PO, 240 µm – a unique combination of resource conservation and complete emptying

Did you know that the packaging law considers the avoidance of packaging materials top priority? We are pursuing exactly this approach with the Pirlo CHALK BARE tube by reducing the use of petroleum-based plastics in the body of the tube by half and at the same time decreasing the wall thickness.

Compared to our Pirlo RECY tube, the proportion of petroleum-based plastics is reduced by over 50 percent by weight due to the natural filter calcium carbonate. This enables us to significantly reduce the CO2 footprint when manufacturing the material for the tube body.

By changing the material structure and thereby creating the paper-like soft-touch feel, the remaining content of a tube can be emptied like never before, which thus avoids product waste.

Product-contactingPolyethylene - calcium carbonate compound

Polyethylene - calcium carbonate compound

Our Pirlo CHALK BARE tube is a winner. It received three awards as an exemplary packaging solution in 2016 - the Green Packaging Award and the Austrian State Prize - and the WorldStar Award in 2017.

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