PP mono-material tube - PirlOne

PP tube/mono-material tube – keep calm and recycle

PP mono-material tube, 250/8 µm - maximum recyclability combined with complete emptying

Produced sustainably.
Produced sustainably.
Approx. 96% recyclable share.
Approx. 96% recyclable share.



30 mm, 35 mm, 40 mm, 50 mm

Filling volumes (from/to):

20 – 275 ml


Photorealistic digital printing on tubes

Lamination film

Hot stamping

Spot varnishing

Individualisation, personalisation, unique items


Suitable for:




“Made by Pirlo” – our advantages at a glance
  • Mono-material tube for maximum recyclability
  • Surface finishing with various visual and haptic effects
  • Polypropylene for a high-quality unique feel
  • Virtually invisible weld seam for 360° print designs
  • Film lamination to protect the printed image (scratch-resistant, prevents transfer of paint or varnish onto the side that comes in contact with the product)


PP mono-material tube, 250/8 µm - maximum recyclability combined with complete emptying

Is a sustainable packaging solution for your high-quality products top priority for you? Then our PirlOne mono-material tubes made of polypropylene are your right choice!

The PirlOne Tube is made of 100% polypropylene, from the body of the tube including the shoulders to the cap so that all tube components can be returned to the material cycle after use. As with all of our tubes, by using a thin laminate PirlOne conserves resources even before the packaging is manufactured, and at the same time improves complete emptying. Excellent complete emptying not only avoids product waste but additionally increases the quality of the empty packaging by reducing the cleaning effort required in the recycling process.

The excellent resilience of PP ensures that tube remains wrinkle-free despite the reduced use of materials. The PirlOne is also suitable for high temperature applications such as hot filling and autoclaving.

In 2019, we were proud to receive the Green Star Packaging Award for our PirlOne Tube and were also among the winners of the WorldStar Awards 2020.

BarrierEthylene vinyl alcohol copolymer (EVOH)

We are sure: based on the excellent and certified recyclability of our PirlOne PP tube you will not only meet the high expectations of your customers, but also be choosing a sustainable packaging for your product. All finishing options are of course also available for this tube to ensure an optimum appearance at the POS.

Do you have any questions about our tubes? Our packaging experts will be glad to advise you!

Data sheet

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